• The HeadRight - Spinal Healing Support Pillow

The Pillow Alternative that Promotes Better Posture, Improves Spinal Health and helps Relieve Pain.

The HeadRight Patented Design 'Pivots' to ideally support ALL sleeping positions!

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The Problem:
Traditional Pillows

sleeping positions

The problem with most pillows is that sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side require two totally different support shapes and design!

If you happen to enjoy sleeping in both side and back sleeping positions, your pillow would have to change support surfaces... as you turn in your sleep ie. back-to-side and side-to-back. The pillow shape and support would need to switch and adjust as you sleep in order to perfectly accommodate the 2 totally different support requirements needed for the back and side sleeping positions. 

Side Sleeping Positions:

side sleeping


Head and spine position too high. 

side sleeping


Head and spine position too low.

Notice here how the neck is kinked and twisted (lateral flexion malposition). The head and spine is stressed as nerves are pinched and irritated.

Back Sleeping Position:

back sleeping


Head and spine pushed forward.

FHP causes spinal stress and spinal deformation.

Memory Foam Pillows for Back and or Side Sleepers

Memory foam in general does the opposite of what a true spinal support pillow should do. It lacks a firm, definite and ideal model to encourage corrective posture and spinal alignment. The head and spine simply "sinks" into its substance as in quicksand.

The Solution:
The HeadRight®
The New Revolutionary Pillow Alternative

The HeadRight® works because its unique patented design solves an issue that most chiropractic pillows and orthopedic pillows do not. It provides ideal spinal suppot ... in ALL sleeping positions!

Why Use The HeadRight® Pillow Alternative?

Because it helps prevent spinal degeneration and
supports spinal healing!

  • Provides ideal spinal support in all sleeping positions
  • Helps correct Forward Head Posture (FHP)
  • Aids in relieving neck and back pain

X-Ray showing ideal neck curve with no structural stress allowing open nerve flow between brain and body systems
X-ray showing loss of neck curve, structural stress, brain stem / spinal cord pressure and spinal degeneration

The Head Right

How The HeadRight® Pillow Works 

Ideal Support in Back Sleeping Position

The HeadRight® provides the perfect model to encourage and restore the proper spinal curvature, while preventing and helping to correct Forward Head Posture and its damaging effects.

side sleeping position

How The HeadRight® Pillow Works 

Ideal Support in Side Sleeping Position

The HeadRight® keeps the HEAD and SPINE level, within the midline of your body. Maintaining this alignment is essential to avoid the ‘kinking’ and lateral flexion malposition injuries that can develop from the use of pillows that are too high, too low, or fail to properly support.

The HeadRight’ encourages ideal spinal alignment, helps correct, and totally PREVENTS Forward Head Posture (‘FHP’) …as you sleep!


The HeadRight® pivots within the natural arcs between the spine, head and shoulders and can provide everyone the ideal spinal re-modeling influence to improve spinal alignment, reduce neuro-spinal stress and relieve pain.
The HeadRight® provides ideal orthopedic support for all sleeping positions.

sleeping positions

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How To Use The HeadRight®

1. Refer to 'The FHP Measuring Scale' below and determine what rate of beginning with 'The HeadRight®' is most appropriate for your degree of FHP severity.


2. Insert 'The HeadRight®' in a pillow case (queen size is best) and place 'The HeadRight®' with the "roll" flat on the bed and the "ears up" as seen in the image below.


3. Start sleeping your way to improved spinal health... beginning slowly with the gradual 'adjustment' time that may be appropriate for your specific degree of FHP. Take care of your nighttime related pains with The HeadRight® orthopedic pillow. It works where other chiropractic pillows don't. The HeadRight® makes a great neck pillow or back pillow and is the solution to your sleeping problems!

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* Special Note for Stomach Sleepers: Sleeping on the stomach, also known as sleeping in the "prone position", is not recommended. However, with its unique concentric design, "The HeadRight" can provide proper head and spinal support if positioned properly. While lying in the prone position, the forehead should be placed directly in the area where the back sleeping support (the roll) connects with the side sleeping support panels, with the head slightly turned toward the side support. These connection points, on both right and left side, create a natural curved contour upon which the forehead may rest. This position would still support the correction and prevention of Forward Head Posture and the loss of spinal curve.


  • "I have suffered from neck pain for over ten years. Since I've been using The HeadRight my neck pain has undergone a vast improvement."
    Tricia C. / East Orange, NJ
  • "I used to get a lot of headaches and neck pain. Since I started with The HeadRight I have experienced significant pain relief."
    Liz M. / Yonkers, NY
  • "The HeadRight pillow has changed my life. I had no idea it was my pillow throwing off my alignment causing me to awake with a stiff neck."
    Jennifer T. / Manhattan, NY